Web Design and Graphic Design- In what aspects they are different?

Web design and graphic design are relevant terms which come hand in hand. A website is made up of two key elements – Front End and Back End. Web design covers the creative aspect of the front end development, i.e., designing the appearance of a website, controlling the layouts and spacing. In other words, it makes the website look good. It is important for web designers to know about user interface as web pages are interacted with on a daily basis. Graphic design involve also some part of front end (images & icons).

Web design and graphic design come simultaneously in designing. Both terms seem to have a similar meaning as both creates a visual representation of an idea and enhance the user experience.

When I was having the basic training on the web designing, I was unaware about web design and graphic design. But, as I persuaded my interest towards web designing, I got a chance to realize the difference between web design and graphic design.

So, you may be interested about the core meaning of each. Which one is better for your career development?

Well, we tried to crack distinct views of web design and graphic design which may help you to clear out your confusion.

Web Design-

Web designing is a process of designing images, graphics or typography on the web. Web designers are considered to present ideas of clients and code them using different softwares. We can define different areas of the web designing like UI design, web graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), testing the website.

Web designer helps any business to establish on the web and improves user experience than before. Skills of web designer mainly include HTML, CSS , JAVASCRIPT and jQUERY.

What do you think earnings of a web designer? According to the report of payscale, the average salary of the web designer is AU$52,920 per year.

As we can see, the web designing is raising its extent according to the development of the technology on the web, the market is also increasing the demand of a web designer to attract their potential customers.

If you are thinking of focusing your career towards web designing, make your first step and learn web design course.

You can also simply designing your site by using different web design tools.

Graphic Design-  

Graphic designing is a process of creating artistic images and typography, mostly use in the print industry. Graphic designers don’t do any programming, but their work is to create brochures or any advertising posters to fascinate the customers. Defining usage of graphic design includes logo/icon design, magazine design, communication design, etc.

Marketing is the best way to influence your targeted customers towards your product and graphic designer will help you to present your business ideas and advertise it. Every graphic designer must possess these skills: concept development, adobe creative suite, typesetting and using CAD (Computer-aided Design).

One question that may stick in your brain is the salary of a graphic designer, isn’t it? According to the report of payscale, the average salary of the graphic designer is AU$49,909 per year.

If you have the potential to understand others ideas and creating amazing designs based on others views, then go ahead to start your career.

You can go through different online courses if you are a fresher.

You can also try different graphic designer tools to begin.

How do web design and graphic design go along?

For the success of any website, there are different aspects to be considered. If you hire a good graphic designer and design a beautiful website consulting him. Will that website performs as you expect?

Obviously, no.

To initiate functionality of a website, you have to code according to its design. Here, you will realize the necessity of a web designer. Then, your hired web designer creates a site for you, which is also not sufficient. Your web designer should be able to present your objectives and adds online value of your site. The web designers are also responsible for creating enough traffic leads to your website. They must be able to ensure the accessibility, usability and performance optimization of your web page.

Thus, with this scenario, we can easily say that web design along with graphic design is a must for a successful website.

Lastly, there are various fields of designing and among them we provide you an information about web design and graphic design.

Is this article helpful? Which designing field will you prefer to start with? Leave your comments and stay with us for more interesting articles.

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